About C64 games are available or will be soon published on MyAbandonware. This quick how-to will help you run C64 games on Windows, Mac or Linux. Although C64 emulation is less popular than DOS emulation, a strong community is still active on websites like C Several emulators are available, although the vast majority of them are now inactive project. Several emulators are still active, though two of the list below are just front-ends and use existing emulators:.

As VICE is the most versatile emulator, this page will use it for the tutorial. Other emulators are quite similar and should not pose any problem. Note: This tutorial is focused on Windows, but it's almost the same on other operating systems. VICE comes with several emulators for the various computers released by Commodore. Most of the time, you will just want to run the Commodore 64 emulator, named x After downloading a C64 game and unzipping it, you will usually find one.

NFO containing game information, and one or more files containing the actual game code.

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Game files can be stored in various formats:. Look for the game file or the first one if the game is on multiple disks. Most of the time, multiple disks are named GAME0. D64, GAME1. D64, and so on. Most C64 games can be launched in just a few seconds with a simple drag and drop of the game file, or the first file, into the VICE main window, where you can see the Commodore 64 prompt screen.

Works the same on Mac. Click on the picture to see a bigger GIF. Games with multiple disks will prompt you to insert disk number two or more at some point. Running games in VICE is quite straightforward most of the time. If you really need help, best place to ask politely in the Emulators forums on LemonThe interactive file manager requires Javascript.

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VICE Emulator

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Get the SourceForge newsletter.Commodore 64, known just as C64, was the first computer manufactured and marketed heavily for the home use. It became very popular after its release in Many software and games were released for the C64 systems in those times. If you watch older movies or TV shows, you can get a glimpse of people working on C64 systems with their iconic keyboards.

You will see the familiar screen of the C64 system just like it is VICE does not come with any disks, tapes or cartridge images. You will have to secure these images from somewhere else.

But if you have these images, then you can run the software, applications, or games designed for C64 systems. Similarly, you can attach tape or cartridge images. After attaching the disk, tape or cartridge image, you have to give the command LOAD. This command makes the attached tape available to C64 system. Upon successful loading, you will see message Press play on tape. The C64 system will scan the tape for programs or games and show you a list. If there is just one program or game, you can give RUN command to launch it.

This is a very simple way of bringing back the charisma of Commodore 64 systems back into your life. Now you can re-live your childhood memories all over again. VICE is a really well designed C64 emulator that works not only on Windows but other popular platforms as well. I tried several games. Anyone can help? Yes, you can. When testing I used an old wired gamepad. You have to configure the joystick settings in Vice and set all the actions before using.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Leave this field empty.Every system can be accessed by an executable file e.

This bug has been eliminated in version 1. With the history function it is possible to record and replay the emulated action. Even when recording several hours the resulting files won't exceed a couple of megabytes and thus can be easily emailed etc. Furthermore when replaying one can abort playback and take on the action himself at any time. WinVICE doesn't have an installer, so you just have to extract the zip file to any place on your harddrive.

Shortcuts at the Start Menu, on the Desktop etc. Only few to no changes are required in this section for a start.

vice emulator

If you fancy a bigger appearance of the screen, just hit Double size in the menu Options as viewed in the picture on the right. Fullscreen should be self-explanatory. It can also be activated by pressing Alt and D simultaneously while the emulation is running.

vice emulator

Just do the same again to return to windowed mode. To alter the fullscreen resolution call up the menu Settings and select Video settings. A new window will appear like shown in the picture on the right. To control your man you can use the keyboard. Either you choose the setting as viewed in the picture. This way you can use the cursor keys on the numpad and the right Ctrl key.

This setting is recommended as it doesn't interfere with the C64 keyboard. Or you name the keys for joystick control by your own. The other keys may also be assigned if required. It is important that you allocate only one joystick port like shown on the two pictures. Port 2 is recommended because most games demand a joystick in port 2. If you come across a game that demands a joystick in port 1, you can easily swap the two ports by choosing it in the Options menu.

Or press Alt and J simultaneously while the emulation is running. It is also possible to control your man with a PC-Gamepad or -Joystick. Therefore it must be installed and calibrated under Windows correctly. That means the gamepad must work with Windows games.

The two settings True drive emulation and Virtual device traps located in the menu Options are often the cause for games not working and therefore are kind of important. They are both ticked by default and I recommend to leave it like that. Only if a game won't work you can untick the Virtual device traps and try it again. The True drive emulation should always stay activated. Finally all settings should be saved so that you don't need to do them again everytime you call up the emulator.

To do that hit the menu item Save current settings in the Settings menu. Additionally you can untick the option Confirm on exit. This way you get rid of the annoying warning message when closing the emulator. Different types of images can be used.

One of the most used types is the disk image. A new window will pop up like shown in the picture on the right. Select the d64 file you are going to start and click onto Attach or do a double click onto the file itself.Sponsored links:.

However, there are other emulatorsjust as good, if not better, that are free. CCS64 This is one of the best C64 emulators. It is a very fast emulator,and supports almost everything an actual Commodore 64 would support.

To get all the features,you have to register this emulator, however, such as cartridge support and wave output. It's worth the cash. Come Back 64 This is one of the newest Commodore 64 emulators around. It features sound, is very compatible with most programs and games, and isupdated rather frequently. It's worth a download, especially to check out the source.

Dream64 Dream64 is totally free, and developped just for fun. It can run most commercial games and a lot of tricky demos, by the way it is not yet as compatible as great emulators like Hoxs64 or CCS Emu64 Commodore 64 emulator from Germany! Free64 This emulator by Butcha is written in C, and is freeware. It emulatessound through the PC speaker, and although it doesn't support as much as other C64 emulators,such as CCS64, it may become more compatible and better in the future.

This emulates the Commodore 64 very well, and is being updatedall the time. Definitly an emulator to download for the hardcore C64 fan. Now supports joysticks and joypads! It further uses a fast translation code cache. It features a high compatibility rate, sound and many other features that are now available withouthaving to register it.

vice emulator

It's not perfect yet, but you can still play a lot of games on it! We have a few classic versions hosted here, but we recommend you grab the latest version from their website. Win64 This is one of the few Commodore 64 emulators for Windows. It was originally developed due to the author's reaction when he saw a C64 emulator being sold for a high price, and he decided he could make one for free that would serve his purposes.

Unfortunately,his mind has since changed, and the complete version now costs money. It has sound, speed,as well as a high compatibility rate. Support Zophar's Domain on Patreon! Legal Stuff Privacy Policy. This was one of the first Commodore 64 Emulators.

This is one of the best C64 emulators.C64 is the first computer produced for home use. It was introduced in the consumer market in the year of Back then, there were many games and programs produced for C These games were the prime leisure of the generation for that time.

You can still experience the vintage games on your computer if you use the C64 emulator Windows This emulator is produced by Vice and it is also called Vice emulator. You will experience the same things as the generation in has experienced. So, you must keep reading for more. This emulator shows the old computer screen on your computer.

Commodore 64/VIC-20/PET

This way, you can see how the old computers were used. This emulator is the only product that is present for displaying Commodore computers on modern operating systems. Vice works with all operating systems.

100 Commodore 64 games in 10 minutes!

The binary files of Vice can be downloaded from the official website of Vice. The port for Windows is called WinVicewhich runs on all Windows 10 systems.

vice emulator

If you are excited about the vintage computing experience, then be happy because you can download the emulator for free. The steps to download are given below. C64 has become a cult phenomenon. People are collecting old tapes and disks as a collection. And then, they run it on their systems with the help of emulators, which are readily available on the internet. The other known emulators for C64 are the following. These emulators are available on the internet. You can download them free of cost.

After that, you can run all programs, applications, games, and software designed for CThe application itself is cross-platform with different binaries available for different systems. The Windows version provides a portable binary which can emulate different types of devices that would have been attached to a C64 system like disks or cartridges. VICE can be used to load and save snapshots as well as controlling C64 datasettes such as record, rewind, forward, start, stop, etc.

A number of other options are available like refresh rate mode, maximum speed, full screen, video caches and more.

Vice Emulator: Play C64 Games on Windows 10

Overall, VICE is a competent emulator that allows you to use a lot of the different types of peripherals for Commodore like joysticks. This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows bit and bit operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from console emulators without restrictions. VICE 3. Compatibility with this model emulator software may vary, but will generally run fine under Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8. A separate x64 version may be available from viceteam.

Program Info Screenshots 7 Virus Tests. VICE on bit and bit PCs This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows bit and bit operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from console emulators without restrictions. Download VICE 3.

We have tested VICE 3. We certify that this program is clean of viruses, malware and trojans. Screenshots of VICE 7. View all screenshots 7. Similar Software. Ranking in Emulator Software 33 of Emulator Downloads. Download Details.